Welcome to Ministry Thru Piano site!

There are many piano career out there: Piano Teacher, Accompanist, Collaborative Pianist, Music Director, Cocktail Pianist, Dance Accompanist, and so on.I have delved into a variety of piano jobs for more than 20 years. Every time I entered the new arena of the vast field of piano career, I struggled to figure out what skills I needed to equip for that job.If I had known beforehand how I needed to prepare, my life would have been much easier.

My mission in life is to serve others through my piano playing and teaching. To me that means accompanying Singers, Instrumentalists,  and Dancers, and communicating the joy and wonder of music to the audience members through my playing. If my playing could add a memorable color to my audiences’ lives, that would be awesome!

Not only piano playing, I want to extend my mission with my co-workers; other pianists and piano teachers like me to unite together and dedicate out lives to music making.

Ministry Thru Music offers services to developing pianists and piano teachers to build a successful career to become “Indispensable  Pianist and Teachers”.