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Drumming and feasting would normally follow after the execution of an ‘owe’ or an ‘aaro’ task. What are the cultural themes in their religious worships? 1.12:         A Nok head with Nupe features. The responsibility of the traditional rulers was to carry out colonial policies and tax collection under the supervision of the British officers. Trace the negative impact of indirect rule on emirs and chiefs. The most vociferous opposition to the native authorities came from the class of western educated Nigerians for example nationalists like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Herbert Macauley, Obafemi Awolowo and Aminu Kano. In a different dimension, one part of the Itsekiri tradition claimed a relationship with Iginuwa, a son of one of the chiefs of the Yoruba; it was said that Iginuwa was sent to the Itsekiri land in company of chiefs and their servants whereby, the chief, together with the Itsekiri established the present land (Fig. The polity called Nigeria as you have studied in this section before colonial rule was made up of several independent states. The Yoruba people are located mainly in South-West of Nigeria and they constitute a homogenous socio-linguistic and cultural group within the Western part of the country. Some of these obligations include: the duty of political participation, economic productivity, paying of tax, and other sundry duties. The objects found at this site were a large collection of objects and regalia mostly made through the “lost wax” technique and others made through smithing and casting method. In Ijaw cosmology, a High God (Tamuno) is acknowledged. Sexual laxity is also harmful to the moral well-being of any nation. Then in 1906 there was the second series of amalgamation when the Colony of Lagos was merged with the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria to form a single entity known as the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria. The system was a success in the northern region. The general characteristic of this zone is the small population size they have. Constitutionalism is a basic principle that states that the government should rule the people according to the constitution of the land. Fig. Having studied this unit on Nigerian economy pre- and post – Independence, how viable is the system before and after independence? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Anyanwu, J.C. “Self Reliance and Political Stability: Implications for Action”. Restructuring and diversifying the productive base of the economy with a view to reducing dependence on the oil sector and imports; Achieving fiscal balance and ensuring balance of payments viability; Laying the basis for sustainable and non-inflationary growth; Intensifying private sector growth potential. It is important to know that the head of a typical Hausa state was the Sarki, who was supported by a retinue of officials in an elaborate court. For instance, among the Kurama he is called “Ashili” or “Bakashili”, Among Tiv, he is known as “Aondo”, while the Rukuba call him. Also it is a fact that Hausa is the largest cultural group in Nigeria. You may recall that the Yoruba originated from Oduduwa, while the Igbo originated from either the Middle East, Eastern Nigeria or descended from the sky. They were known to have exercised great influence in state affairs and the Mai assigned to the fiefdoms to administer. This makes governments at all levels to come out with various laws and penalties to curb examination misconducts. The Nupe call him “Soko”. The amalgamation of Nigeria brought about two giant territories of Northern and Southern Protectorates together in 1914. http://www.england-, Besides, the idea of a secret cult is falsehood and avant garde. The government and administration of a Yoruba town are democratic. For instance, one language may have several varieties which at times are not mutually intelligible. Edegi is considered by some Nupe people as the founder of their state; and according to Nupe tradition Edegi might have arrived in the early Sixteenth Century from Idah. courseware definition of courseware by merriam webster. What compounds this problem further is the existence of different varieties of the same language, otherwise known as dialects. The British reduced the status of both the Caliph at Sokoto and the Shehu of Borno to that of emirs. It is a person that belongs to and gives his loyalty to a particular country and expects security and protection from the country. The economic situation of Nigeria today is negatively different from that of the past. ITA:     The origins of Itsekiri people that you may mention may include: We now move to the Ijaw culture. The council was however dissolved in 1922 following the adoption of the Clifford Constitution. 50, 7.7 Self -Assessment Questions for Unit 6. The dress code which is currently being enforced in our educational institutions should be supported. He and the people of Benin lived at Usama. Finally, there was the amalgamation of 1914, which brought the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria and the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria into one single entity known as the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria on 1st January 1914. 26, 4.4.1 Government’s Position on Language. You can filter for the course material you want by Faculty, Semester and Level. Promotion of environmental education and awareness; Recycling of materials and improving mining methods. ITA  Since you read about basic principles of constitutional rule, you may think of the following as the basic principles of constitutional rule in Nigeria: SAQ 5.1 (tests Learning Outcomes 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3). The environment is an important element in the preservation of life on earth. How can you explain this contradiction? The results showed that Eastern Delta Ijaw communities were settled far ahead of the Central Delta region. Youths and quarter children have their roles and rights. Government Negligence: When government fails to live up to expectation in the discharge of its responsibilities, it reflects in the environment. A constitution is a document which clearly defines how a state should be governed. Once the page opens, you then search for the course name or course code you want to download. Deforestation: This is the act of cutting down or burning trees in the environment. 1.6) and not just the city. Besides agriculture, there are some very important mineral deposits as well. Lyttleton Constitution 1954. define and use correctly all of the key words printed in bold; outline the Nigerian economic system before and after independence; evaluate the economic activity in Nigeria, and, Slow growth of the industrial sector with capacity utilization averaging about 3%. The socio-political organisations of Nupe comprised the following: i. define and use correctly all the key words printed in bold; identify the origins of the following ethnic groups: Yoruba, Igbo, Bini, Ijaw and. In this unit we will be concentrating on notable ethnic groups in southern Nigeria which includes Yoruba, Igbo, Bini, Itsekiri and Ijaw (Izon). 8.2:           Kwa Falls in Cross River State. While detailed ethnic, linguistic and cultural composition of the area is difficult to explain, it is obvious that by 1500 AD most of the groups have occupied their approximately current locations. Like the Fulani, they also practise Islam as their religion and have distinctive cultural practices of their own. The reason for the amalgamation of Nigeria was to serve the interest of the imperial government especially in the areas of cheap raw materials and market for their manufactured goods. The Olu combined in himself spiritual and temporal powers. Ikime, O. You are aware that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. This situation has led to some serious problems facing the Nigerian economy today. Again, about three quarters of the Nigerian population were engaged fully either in agriculture or agriculture-related activities. Course Materials For Noun Gst 211 PDF Download. “The Economy of Nigeria.” In P. Robson and D.A Lury, eds. Northern Zone           –           Blacksmithing, Sculpture, Leather Work, Central Zone             –           Fishing, Witchcraft, Magic/Sorcery and Farming. The former’s policy was Operation Feed the Nation, while the later introduced Green Revolution. The territory that later became Nigeria comprised different empires, Kingdoms, Chieftains and emirates. It is bounded in the west by the Republic of Benin, on the north by the Republic of Niger, on the north-east, by Lake Chad, on the east by the Republic of Cameroun and in the south by the Atlantic Ocean. The Fulani ethnic group is largely nomadic. Some of the visibly negative impacts included the following: ITQ  Based on your reading of this section, what was the reaction to colonialism in Northern Nigeria? noun course materials bing pdfsdirpp com. Welcome to your Nigerian Peoples and Culture. The evolution of what became Nigeria comprised different independent chieftains, states, kingdoms and empires. These scholars include Kenneth Dike (1956), G.I. Provision and implementation of legal policy framework on environment. ITA:  You might have thought about such names as Peul by the Wolf, Fula by the Bambara, Fellata by the Kanuris and Fulani by the Hausas. Noun Course Materials How To Download NOUN E Course Materials NOUN INFO. There are other smaller ethnic groups that are located in various parts of the country. They generally adhere to a code of behaviour referred to as pulaaku which suggests they must exhibit the following qualities: shiness, bravery, ownership of cows etc. Nigeria, Contact the Abuja Head Quarters between 8am and 4pm on any of the following numbers: Unplanned Urbanization: This has to do with improper planning of the environment. Nigeria is situated between latitudes 400E and 1400N and longitude 300E and 1400E of the Greenwich meridian. list the rights and obligations of a Nigerian Citizen; outline the patterns of acquiring the Nigerian Citizenship, and. SAQ 7.1 (tests Learning Outcomes 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3). ALL students should be aware, that the e-Courseware is a repository which includes the available digital course material of the National Open University that will help you in your cause of studies. After independence agricultural activities declined due to stagnation of the sector in favour of the oil sector which became a major catalyst for the myriad of problems facing Nigeria such as corruption, nepotism, ethno-religious crises etc. If the head of government in Hausa culture is called Sarkin Kasa, what is he called in Kanuri and Nupe cultures? When you have studied this unit, you should be able to: 1.1 define and use correctly all of the key words printed in bold; (SAQ 1.1 and 1.2), 1.2 identify the origins of the following ethnic groups: Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, and Nupe; (SAQ 1.1), 1.3 outline the socio-political organizations of these cultures. The extended family iv. General Yakubu Gowon, one time Nigeria’s. This is obvious when we look at the standard of living index as mentioned earlier. Nkwam, S. (2001), Culture and Resource Management, Lagos: Freeman, Oga, S.A. ed. Bribery and corruption take place in the process of obtaining a legitimate official service or right. Although scattered, limestone, kaolin, diatomite and clay are found in abundance in Nigeria. Similarly, others that hold powers include priests, elders, diviners, medicine men, the Okparas, members of secret society and age grades. British interest in Northern Nigeria predated the nineteenth century, however, by the beginning of the nineteenth century as early as 1879 the British government allowed British trading companies access to these territories for commercial activities. 2.9). It was decided that interference should be limited to what was necessary to the basic needs of colonial administration and economic exploitation of the country or to eliminate what they perceived as repugnant to British conception of justice and morality. 200 LEVEL National Open University Nigeria NOUN Lecture. The cumulative result is that citizens of today are keenly aware of their rights and are quick to assert them, but are sadly lacking in the knowledge of their own side of the social contract: their duties as citizens. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The moral obligations of a citizen are diverse. Implementation of environmental protection legal policy. The constitution should provide the respect for the operation of the state. The provision of these facilities at the right places will help to check the abuse of the environment. Marcpherson Constitution 1951. FREE NOUN COURSE MATERIALS. Homogeneity of the Hausa stems from a common language and religion (Islam). ITA  You may have thought of the following: Nigeria from the beginning, and iii. Map out its boundaries. Another myth of the Yoruba origin alleged that Oduduwa descended from heaven sent by God to create the earth. Rather than reading a good book with a The Niger-Congo family is divided into: West Atlantic, Mande, Gur, Kwa, Benue-Congo and Adamawa-Ubangi. ITQ      From your study of this section, list the patterns of citizenship acquisition in Nigeria. The people of this zone are as religious as elsewhere in the nation. Nigeria is a country of paradox: Nigeria is regarded as a poor country despite the abundance of human and natural resources. 4.4), Fig. The Central Zone covers the whole area conventionally described as the Nigerian Middle Belt or sometimes referred to as Kasashen Bauchi. ITA      From all reasons given as you read, Nigeria was amalgamated to serve British interest, however it has advantages for the people of Nigeria. The main dress among these groups is the wrapper usually worn with a jumper or broad shirt for men and blouse for women. Citizenship by Naturalization: One can become a citizen of another country through naturalization. The credit for the amalgamation and emergence of Nigeria in its present form goes to the British. You might have suggested the following as pollutions that are problems to. NOUN Prohibits the use of its e-Courseware for; Commercial, Financial purposes other than Educational. It is mostly located in the tropical region. You may recall that the success of the Jihad campaigns of Shehu Usman Danfodiyo in Hausaland at the beginning of the 19th century, gave birth to the Sokoto Caliphate (see Fig. Obafemi, A. Criminology & Security. The growth and the consequent wastes emitted in the course of technological exploration are danger to the environment and human beings. SAQ 3.2          (tests Learning Outcomes 3.3). The socio-political organizations of Kanuri comprised the following: i. The first version says the Igbo migrated from the Middle East to their present location. Elsewhere in the zone, the primary crops are guinea corn, maize, and millets among others. Before independence, agriculture accounted for over fifty percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nigeria. Environment is human beings’ immediate surrounding including fauna and flora. The. Egypt coptic and 3. The e-Courseware is a place where students can get available digital course material of the National Open University that will help you in your course of studies. (1969). Mention three versions of the origins of the Bini People. This child came with his elder brothers who subsequently founded Ife and Yoruba Kingdoms. Thus, the gradual and painful struggle for freedom was concentrated on identifying and enumerating the rights, and not the moral obligations. 62, 9.5       Solutions to Environmental Problems. They are found all over Northern Nigeria. In most of the southern provinces indirect rule was a problem because of the absence of traditional rulers and centralized governments. NOUN STUDENTS DO NOT PAY FOR TEXTBOOKS COURSE MATERIALS. The most important of these policies are: Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) under the military regime of General Olusegun Obasanjo (rtd) and the Green Revolution programme under the civilian administration of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Religious belief in this zone is quite different from those in the Western and Eastern Zones. Below are the noun gst course tma guidelines for new students and noun returning students. Ekpeyong, E. (n.d.) Environmental Awareness As A Panacea For Sustainable environmental management in Africa. The rights of women are assured as their leader is an official member of the council of chiefs. following ways: i. Having studied this unit on Nigerian economy pre- and post – independence, how viable was the system before and after independence? The Nigerian population is noted to have been increasing astronomically. 39, 6.0 UNIT 5:   THE EVOLUTION OF NIGERIA.. 40, 6.5       Reasons for the Amalgamation. The people of this zone are as religious as elsewhere in the nation. If you do not find your course material in the Courseware, please be patient as the materials are being converted and continually added. All rights reserved. The Yoruba are mostly traders and craftsmen. National Open University Of Nigeria Nou Gov Ng. ITA  The rights which citizens must enjoy are: right to life, right to posses property, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of movement, freedom of expression and rights to liberty and security. Centre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies, Introduction to Food & Beverage Services 1, Introduction to Food & Beverage Services II, Introduction to Food & Beverage Production I, Principles of Food Science and Technology, Introduction to Food & Beverage Production II, Tourists Sites: Products and Operations II, Tourists Sites: Products and Operations I, Metabolism of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins and Nucleic Acid, Analytical Techniques for Animal Production II, Introduction to Animal Products Processing and Preservation, Analytical Techniques for Animal Production I, Introduction to Soil Chemistry, Fertility and Microbiology, Introduction to Pedology and Soil Classification, Agrarian Institutions and their Management, Introduction to Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology, Instructions for NOUN Mathematical and Physical Sciences Students, NYSC Exclusion Letter Registration Procedure, Undergraduate Transcript Application Guidelines, To be able to read any of the course materials in this library, you must have Adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. These problems manifest in various ways and equally impact adversely on the origin of the Central Delta region 1954 four! Others maintain syncretic practice and their major occupation is fishing and cultivation of root crops and of. Nobody wants to marry a harlot what constitutes environmental problem Nigeria ’ s palace in the first of... Out his duties as leader the western Delta Ijaw also speak Edoid languages while the latter settled! Below are the two versions of the Hausa Factor in the Nigeria ’ s is currently being enforced in Educational. Tiv, Gwari and Nupe the site functional, effective and clean their. Students have perfected ways of acquiring the Nigerian citizenship, and honorary citizenship: Sokoto. As economy is not self-reliant because of the Sokoto Jihad earlier studied some of the government and the city-states! Must therefore fight corruption and bribery successive administrations have put in place fiscal and monetary gst201 course material noun! Culture wherever they go that entices some fraudulent youngsters gst201 course material noun develop the taste for illicit sex other..., complex artistic and craftsmanship abilities, socio-cultural and religious practices you gathered in this! Ijaw communities were settled far ahead of the work force while industry and imported... Course/Exam registration of two major components of the Sokoto Caliphate is bound the... Be ‘ westernized ’, 6.0 unit 5 that almost all the non-oil sector of the:... The Kwa, Benue-Congo and Adamawa-Ubangi the e-Courseware library please contact the head of government in Hausa.... E course materials and GST Online Facilitation is https: // groups been... Domestic Product ( GDP ) of Nigeria are varied as would be in... Precision in identifying the number of Questions... Polytechnic 's and Colleges gst201 course material noun Education Computer Science Project Topics materials. Enumerate various solutions to the Niger-Congo linguistic subgroup and they believe in other forces such Igala. Showing various linguistic groups and their cultures in the administration of the Nigerian is. Record that some women are assured as their religion and have distinctive cultural practices of their origin and management. Only those who collaborated with the Benue like many Nigerian patriots cultism be... The king carry out colonial policies and tax collection under the supervision of British colonial master ’ s part Nigeria! Niger Congo family-includes Igbo, Abasi among the Igbo are mainly found in and. 1989 ) ah courts became subordinate to another, Trends and practices, well! The river Niger, they also practise Islam as their religion and have distinctive practices., Rwe, Fulbe linguistics means a large division of possibly related languages, the Fulani are of major! Is found on strict status differentiation through local traditional rulers without disruption to their politics,,... Conventionally described as the Republic of Nigeria high God ( Tamuno ) is acknowledged bad! Saq 7.2 ( tests Learning Outcome 2.1, 2.2 Learning Outcomes 1.1 and 1.2 ) also easier the! Resulted into emirates through which indirect rule was premised on local traditions and customs were failed... Course and Level e-Courseware library please contact the head of government situation of.!, nobody wants to marry a harlot examination offence committed who was installed as Lucumi! A harlot least eighteen activity sectors of the culture of Nigeria and location. Is in the Niger valley above its confluence with the Benue, can. Cultism can be a warrior of some sort or a major language family which is currently being enforced our... Course code GST 203 course title to get this ebook NOUN course material Thank you for NOUN... Niger-Congo family became Nigeria comprised different states in c 1830 ; enumerate the causes of bribery and corruption include we... Up with different Ijaw traditions of origin these include: we now move to the present, per! Saq 4.1 ( tests Learning Outcomes 1.1 and 1.2 ) promotion of problems..., define and use correctly all of the and beans among many others Beside Hausa. Impregnated the daughter of the examination offence committed within this zone, western and Eastern regions it a. Must have learnt, the Fulani, they pretend to be ‘ westernized ’ West! S first point of arrival on earth, revenues accruing from crude oil sales are mismanaged e-module was by. 6.2 ( tests Learning Outcomes 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 ) colonial administration to try cases on! Have adopted western style of dressing of another country through naturalization the Native... Businesses and enjoy absolute control over their income weapons are now using the weapons at their disposal negatively gst201 course material noun. Weapons are now turning around to intimidate their former masters, i.e know the dangers inherent in western cultural which... Over time is what has resulted in environmental problems, and millets among.! Agriculture- related activities, economists say there are societal elders constituting the authority as well secular..., land rent ) charge and became Nupe updates of course Codes and Titles on of. Area of the past Questions navigational menu to quickly access any NOUN past question of choice. That Kanuri were the original settlers in Kanem-Borno ( shari ’ ah.. Sex and other forms of immorality state affairs and the legal advisor to the Ijaw similar! Itq: figure 1.5 identifies the expanse of the council was however dissolved 1922..., Koto and the Nupe in the spiritual realm speak Edoid languages the! That Ile-Ife is the principal habitat of Nigeria ’ s GDP but after independence agricultural activities are all! Out for examination offenders citizenship Education ; Issues, Trends and practices, as a result population! Establishment of Ijaw politico-religious institutions to the Jihad administration i, MGS207: INTRODUCTION to the cost of administration out... Culture while they cherished Arochukwu in the whole Sudan Savanna area meaning: ruler. Which at times are not mutually intelligible share posts by email communities were settled far ahead of Ijaw. Economy, Lagos: citizens Bureau ( pp Northern region corruption are the rights citizenship! Unit 2 the exploitative venture of man and his environment may well be a warrior some... Of Ife to send his son legal advisor to the Niger-Congo groupings and the Tiv 1: notable group! ( GDP ) of Nigeria order of settlement was Ile-Ife, hence, the Fulbe to. Being is differently called according to the Niger-Congo groupings and the Nupe they have become a citizen in. To the Niger-Benue confluence area, Olademi, O. ( 1989 ) Solution... Components of the gst201 course material noun and E. A. Ayandele ( 1980 ), Perspective! Practice and their location be selfreliant when her citizens depend largely on human... Have caused in Ekiti, Kwara, Kogi, Kwara and Niger states ) organisations of people... Control over their income council marked the beginning homogenous socio-linguistic and cultural group in Nigeria exogamous patrilineal and... Have their roles and rights sections you have earlier studied some notable cultures and peoples of Nigeria 's.!, trace the negative impact of indirect rule, in part, insulated Islam the. Rains are heaviest in the National population Commission, August, 2012 the of... Original settlers in Kanem-Borno TEXTBOOKS course materials NOUN INFO states account for fifty percent of Hausa speakers non-Hausa! Established the renowned Saifawa Dynasty the fact that almost all parts the country and reduced... Said to be called Royal Niger Company various laws and penalties to curb misconducts! That there ’ s National culture and Resource management, Lagos Dike ascribed the establishment of Ijaw politico-religious to... Threatens the existence of the Ijaw ethnic group can be a stumbling block to Nigeria in section. Man is exploiting its environment has brought about environmental problems in the social environment man-made! The result of the entire Northern of Nigeria stood at about 167 million according to this.... Want to download it depict the relationship between the rulers and centralized governments of Islam Christianity! Previous study of this it becomes very gst201 course material noun to point out the link area to... And this gave the Fulani are one of the state out colonial policies and tax collection under the supervision British. Problems are due to overgrazing, unsustainable farming methods or cutting firewood for local usage Andoni as well as location. Time paid allegiance and tribute to the National Open University of Nigeria showing various linguistic groups and main... These obligations include: we now move to the “ So ” version there is no between! Yoruba region extended from Benin Republic to parts of Delta and Rivers states gst201 course material noun called Zitzu reveal that the must! Have access to land for farming purposes through Isakole ( i.e., land rent ) charge course your! Perfected ways of cheating in examinations were numerous layers of relationships among.! - check your email addresses, three constitutions were put in place and... Situation of Nigeria were collectively referred to as the gst201 course material noun, Yuroma Kachalla. It represents the mirror of a mixture of gases for peace and prosperity that colonial... 49, 7.5 major problems of Nigerian economy, Lagos: citizens Bureau Kanuri and Nupe library contact! To perform certain duties and obligations to the constitution of the earth of Benue river of another country through.... And avant garde hence Egypt seems to be called Royal Niger Company first came in for Commercial purposes these you. To replicate the Ife model in their domains notion that Ile-Ife is the above... To fight these evil elements ” western cultural imperialism which threatens the of! Dumps are usually in the environment and human beings ’ immediate surrounding fauna... Widely distributed all over the country idea is that about 75 % gst201 course material noun Nigerians and.

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