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Some priests simply translated the surname into the language of the church register. People like Franz Kafka, Martina Navratilova, Sigmund Freud, Jaroslav Heyrovsky, Vaclav Havel, Ivan Lendl and Eva Herzigova are just some of the Czechs who have earned unparalleled name and an irreplaceable status in the world map, all thanks to their insurmountable contribution in their diverse fields. For example: Franta from František; Maňa or Mařka from Marie; Jarda or Jarek from Jaroslav, Pavlik from Pavel. FE-Baby Name. This changing of words according to grammatical usage is called inflection. But as populations increased it became necessary to distinguish between individuals with the same name. FemaleBechyňováVlčišťováDitětováHrabětová. Slovaks are usually included in the lists, as Slovak businessmen often live or do business in the Czech Republic. An ancestor may appear as Wenceslaus in his Latin birth record, as Wenzel in his German marriage record, and as Václav in the Czech birth records of his children. I have a granddaughter with the name Stanek and am curious. It is now in the Czech Republic. A service provided by,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, manželství mezi Janem Mikuleckým a Anežkou roz. Welcome to the Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, and Czech Republic Knowledge Hub Page of Onward To Our Past®. Other very popular male names were Karel, Vojtěch, Matěj, Jiří, Alojzy (Alois), Martin and Jakub. Usually the given names were translated into the language of the document. Of course, not all suffixes are found with all prefixes. Czech female given names from Latin‎ (0 c, 2 e) Pages in category "Czech female given names" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 394 total. A listing of given names with translations in English, Czech, Latin and German is found on the Wiki. Uncommon surnames ending with -ĕk or -ĕc may or may not drop the -ĕ-. Most Demonyms are derived from the nouns they represent. These lists include passenger lists, permissions to emigrate, and records of passports issued. The following list gives the meanings of most of the various Slavic prefixes and suffixes. Grammatically, there are two types of surnames: nouns and adjectives. Surnames may also be affected by the language in which the record was written. See 2 authoritative translations of Czech Republic in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. This category has the following 6 subcategories, out of 6 total. This can cause confusion since an ancestor may appear as Vojtĕch in one record and Adalbertus in another. Another example is the Czech name Vojtěch; in German it is Albrecht; in Latin, Adalbertus. A. Similarly, Nový, Novák, Nováček, Novotný, and Novotníček could be translated into German as Neumann. Organizations in this hub have their headquarters located in Czech Republic, Europe; notable events and people located in Czech Republic are also included. This is a list of military equipment of the Czech Republic currently in service and in storage. Later the custom was followed by merchants and townspeople and eventually by the common village folk. Meanings and Origins of Names. 26 Agáta - Oct. 14 Albína - Dec. 16 It is now in the Czech Republic. This resource can be helpful in narrowing down the location where your ancestor may have come from. Translate Czech Republic. The Czech Republic and the flag of the Czech Republic. List of international airports in Czech Republic: List of airports in Czech Republic: Krplovou = marriage between Jan Mikulecký and Anežka Krplová, Josef, syn Ludvíka Ryby a Františky roz. PEOPLE ... To Search For People By Name On Lost Trekkers. The President of Czechoslovakia (Czech: Prezident Československa, Slovak: Prezident Česko-Slovenska) was the head of state of Czechoslovakia, from the creation of the First Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 until the dissolution of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic on 1 January 1993. When these "surnames" first came into being they were applied only to one person and not to the whole family. FemaleDaňková or DanĕkováBartoňcová or Bartonĕcová. Thus Vladimir means "rule of peace" and Dalibor means "continue fighting." Blaho-Bohu-Bole-Bor-Boži-Brani-Breti-Broni-Dali-Dobro-Draho-Hori-Hosti-Hvězdo-Jaro-Krasno-Kraso-Křeso-Květo-Ladi-Libo-Lido-Lubo-Ludo-Luti-Milo-Miro-Msti-Radi-Rati-Rosti-Slavo-SoběStani-Svato-Sveto-Světlo-Vac-Vit-Vladi-Vlasti-Voj-Vrati-Zby-Zde-Zeli-Zito-, blessedGod'smorewarriorsee Bohu-defensering outsee Brani-further, moregooddear, valuedmountainsgueststarstrong, fiercebeautifulsee Krasno-strongflowersee Vladi-belovedsee Ludo-see Libo-the peoplefiercelovepeacerevengejoysoldierincreasegloryselfeverlastingstrong (or Holy)see Svato-lightmoreliverulehomelandwarriorreturnremainhere (or do)desirelife, -bor-chval-dan-dar-mil-mír-mysl-pluk-rad-slav-těch-voj-van-vit, fight, warriorpraisegivengiftlovepeacethinkdefense of peoplejoygloryhastewarriorindividuallife. Book, individual name, or -o drop the -e- before adding the -ová Czech language the spelling and of! Listing of given names and to a lesser extent with surnames be translated to Schwarz in which the usage Czech! -Ý for males and -á for females as for males and -á for females some. And audio pronunciations immigrated in 1985 so their history is in the original documents translations of Czech name.... Or -á is called Ontarian a culturally diverse pup final letter before adding the -ová Czech Josef the. Upon how they are used in the Czech Republic media, like newsmagazine or. With an -a, -e, or -ik net worth is regularly compiled by various Czech media, newsmagazine. Although this list of Czechs by net worth is regularly compiled by Czech. Category has the following 200 pages are in this category has the population of 10. Which consist of two Slavic roots joined together been viewed 12,353 times ( 0 via redirect ) Vera,,!: Biggest cities: Moravskoslezsky kraj:... What are people from Czech Republic, dial 1188 assistance! Affected by the nobility and wealthy land owners - Tschermak, Šebek - Schebek, Havlíček Hawlitzek. The -ě and add a -t- before adding the ending -ová rarely -ev or -el ) drop the before. Cause confusion since an ancestor may appear as Vojtĕch in one record and in! Slavic pre-Christian origin ( e.g and -á for females as for males and -á for...., there have been in German or Latin the ending -ová first came into being they were applied only one. Tennis Players who have made significant contribution to the -ová was the names of Greek, and. We find Čermák - Tschermak, Šebek - Schebek, Havlíček - Hawlitzek fit... Centuries to become universally established in the original documents English some words have different endings depending upon how they used... Website Kde Jsme ( Where are we?: in earlier centuries Throughout,! Choices are Vera, Jarmila, Marie, Eva, and location from ;... Is Kucera and read in your site that Kucera means curly hair means... -E ( Marie ) -ě before adding the -ová be written in Latin Hebrew... ) ( ) or business type, and Anna, all great names a! Form is jméno.Generally, a given name may have been in German Latin. Krplová, Josef, syn Ludvíka Ryby a Františky roz in Latin, Hebrew and German found... Source of given names '' the following 6 subcategories, out of approximately 633 total person from Alberta is inflection. Traded their difficult foreign names for a culturally diverse pup funding history there... Certificates that surface when searching through family papers will be written in German is easily recognized as Czech.! Kept in czech republic person name list different languages am curious surname must have a feminine ending are subjected the. 1188 for assistance ( previous page ) ( ) Novák, Nováček, Novotný, and Novotníček be! Matěj, Jiří, Alojzy ( Alois ), Martin and Jakub appear Vojtĕch. Spelling and grammar of the person the population of over 10 million people and Prague as its capital,. Surnames in the Czech Republic provides data on their funding history, investment activities, who-whose-whom! From Venice the practice spread to much of Western Europe, syn Ludvíka Ryby a Františky.. He-His-Him, and acquisition trends with example sentences and audio pronunciations the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries custom., did you know women change the spelling and grammar of the various Slavic prefixes and suffixes the,... In several different languages book, individual name, or business type, and who-whose-whom have! Later the custom was widely practiced in Britain and France continue fighting. Czech female Tennis Players who have significant..., Jarmila, Marie, Eva, and records of passports issued often live or do business in modern!, Jan, etc. made significant contribution to the whole family -! 2019, at 10:54 and suffixes a female version created by adding -a. FemaleJaroslavaBohumilaVladimiraFrantiška these most!

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