Are you ready to end the Practice Time Battle and start implementing practice strategies and discover the joy of making music?

“UGH, How I wish…No practice, no improvement, right?  Is there fun, practical ways to get myself motivated to learn the piano???”



If you’re ready to implement the Piano Practice Strategy, you will be :


More calm and assertive. Because you already made a stratigic plan for your  piano practice.


No More NAGGING! Because you will incorporate a fun activity, you will be willing to practice.


 Proud. Because you are providing a valuable investment in yourself which have lasting benefits.


Joyful. Because you create and spend special time for yourself to become better YOU.

Let’s start designing the strategy so that you can have a peace of  mind.

Do you think it’s too good to be true? You have a million other things to do besides piano practices. Maybe you have children to take care. You have pets to feed. You need to clean the house, answer calls, prep the meals, pay the bills, and fulfill your career! You might want to say, “How can I create the time for daily practice??? Besides I do not even play the piano!”

Don’t worry! We got this!


Hello! I’m Naoko

I used to be a Violin and Viola Parent who couldn’t play either instrument. My older daughter loved playing outside with other kids and hated to practice. I had to strategize a daily practice that was short and sweet, but effective. My motto was: maximum results with minimum effort! My other daughter was more docile and had a totally different temperament. I approached her practice regimen accordingly. Now, many years had passed but they still reminisce our practice times together and cherish those memories. I have been teaching piano for 30 years now and professionally play the piano as an accompanist. As professional musicians, we spend 95% of time practicing, and only 5% of the time are we on stage. In short, practicing is everything for piano learning. The real progress actually happens at home. Lessons are only a fraction of the time spent learning in comparison to the act of practicing. My focus shifted toward teaching how to practice effectively with minimum effort. I received training on life coaching so that I can not only assist musically but also be able to guide through emotional aspect of their lives. Now, helping students become a competent piano coach themselves is my passion in this season of my life. I am excited to use my skills and experiences to serve piano students all over the world.


“My daughter was just 4 when she started taking piano lessons with Naoko. It was my daughter’s first time experience with a real musical instrument.  Naoko’s fun and relaxed approach to learning was very enjoyable to my daughter, that she always looked forward to her next lesson. From learning the basics, to knowing the notes to touching the keyboard, with an illustrated fun to watch textbooks, my daughter was introduced to the world of music with so much delight. Soon she started “composing” her own songs!”


Junko Shimozima

It’s Time For Take Action!

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Thank you for your cheerfulness and patience. I feel proud of myself how much I’ve learned from just a few of your lessons. I had no idea how to read music and how to move both hands at the same time. Now I do! You are such a good teacher! You made it so simple and easy.

Jarod Rolon 

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