About Naoko

30 Years of Piano Teaching Tells Me…

that the quality of practice makes or breaks one’s success at piano learning. I only see my students during their lesson which is only a fraction of their time spent playing the piano. Since their success at piano learning reside in the quality of their practice, students are responsible for their own destiny.

That sounds like TOO MUCH responsibilities on your shoulder, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry! If you know what the teacher generally looks for, you can pay attention to those aspects during your practices.

You can tell you are developing a good technique in terms of your hand position or posture after you had a few lessons with me.

There is a hierarchy to musical importance, you can follow that too.

The practice can be fun if you strategize.

I will show you how you can implement those strategies.

Every one is different. Knowing the temperament of yourself (or child) and your like or dislike (your child’s) is crucial to deciding the method of the piano lesson whether it is online, offline, using a method book, or piece by piece.

Hello! I’m Naoko

I am a professional piano accompanist and vocal coach. I have been performing with so many professional singers and choir groups across the United States.

During 2020, I lost all of my engagements as an accompanist. This period was truly a soul searching period for me.

I lost my identity and purpose when I lost all of my job opportunities. I got depressed a while, but my faith got me over the hump. I started to upload accompaniment tracks for singers on YouTube.

Now it has accumulated over 1,000 videos and more than 1000 subscribers! The number grows day by day.

I get to know people from all over the world who I wouldn’t have known otherwise! They send me videos of them singing with my accompaniment tracks.

During this soul searching period, I came to realize I overcame so many obstacles in my life; I got sexually assaulted at 14 years old, married with a violent husband, became a single mother with no child support,  a pandemic unemployment,  and a detrimental finger injury….It has been a hard life! But I survived and thrived from these obstacles because I have the piano in my life.

The piano is a life long friend for me. I am inseparable from it. The amount of joy practicing the piano brings me is so great that I feel the responsibility to share my skills, knowledge, and experiences with someone like you!

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