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       Online Piano Lesson

Under the influence of the pandemic, we feel more relax to learn something new. We finally get used to the idea of connecting people with ZOOM!  Piano study online is now a norm these day. Everyone’s needs are different. I can customize your piano study journey accordingly. You might only want to learn songs you like. Or you might like to learn all the fundamental piano techniques through method books. You might like to learn to play the melody with chords, etc… We can explore together and you will decide the best for yourself. $50 for an half hour session.

Online Study Course

Are you concerned about getting the virus? Would you like to learn the piano from the comfort of your home?  This Comprehensive Online Piano Course will teach you  the basics of piano study such as music theory and proper piano technique. You can watch the modules as many times as you like and progress at your own speed.

Video Exchange 

You shouldn’t be alone on this piano journey! For this style of piano study, you will be asked to record a video of your song and send it to me. You will then receive a short video back with comments and instructions. One submission for $20.

Do you have preschoolers to introduce the piano study?

This book is based on my scrap book I used to bring for preschool student’s piano lessons. This is an excellent introductry picure book which covers basic musical concepts and encourages a good hand posture and motion.  It is available through !!!

Keeping record of Lesson and Practice is the fastest way to improve your Piano Study!

This journal is based on my  30 + years of teaching experiences. With this journal, you can track every day practice and the teacher can record weekly piano lessons. You can write out your repertoire and monthly plan as well. It looks like a book. You can keep this journal just like a book and you can look back one day to remember the days of learning to play the piano.It will be a great gift for the students as well as the teachers! It is available through !!!

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