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Every child is different. We can custermize your child’s piano study journey accordingly. Your child might be better having the piano teacher near you. Your child might enjoy and progress more from the online piano apps. We can explore and you will decide the best for your child. $60 for an half hour session.If you would like to have lesson with me, that will be great as well.

Crush Course For Piano Parents

Are you an absolute beginner for the piano study? Don’t worry! This Online Course will teach you  the basics of piano study from music theory to piano pedagogy. This course will make you feeling like a pro in no time!

Piano Parent Network

You shouldn’t be alone for this piano parent journey! This Face Book Group is a community for parents who want their kids to play the piano. As a motivating and emotional support group, parents and teachers can share their experiences, ideas, and views.

Do you have preschoolers to introduce the piano study?

This book is based on my scrap book I used to bring for preschool student’s piano lessons. This is an excellent introductry picure book which covers basic musical concepts and encourages a good hand posture and motion.  It is available through !!!

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